This is not your ordinary room-by-room organizer.  It is first an easy-to-use tool for moms wanting effective ways to reach the heart of the family for cooperation at every level.  Without "buy-in" from the family (especially the children), true and lasting order in the home is unattainable. 


Tuff Mama Organizer first focuses attention and effort on dealing with children's character issues as well as parenting habits that cause dissension in the family.  Included are: 

  • Reproducible planner pages

  • Attractive poster pages to hang as helpful reminders for the entire family

  • Personalized work, study & ideas sections to map strategy uniquely suitable to meet individual family needs

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     Valerie's celebrated premiere parenting book   

     It takes parents back to the basics of raising children from a strong family base. 

     A military veteran with unique perspective regarding team building, Valerie is

     the Family Team Builder who took military core values of integrity, respect and

     responsibility into the home, mixing them with a mother's love to nurture her

     own 9 children.  The focus of this book is on how to:      


  • Master Positive Parenting Skills

  • Increase Family Order

  • Build Family Team Spirit

  • Improve Family Communications


   Valerie even guides couples through exercises designed to strengthen the

   marital bond, equipping parents to work together towards real family success.    


   Life in Sturdy Stitches is designed to serve families whether children are from 

   biological, adopted or blended backgrounds.  Readers are warmed by letters

   from most of Valerie's children - their impressions of life in their family. 

This is a parenting guide every family should own.

   "Valerie presents her philosophies on child-rearing and 

    interconnectedness between family members in a manner that's

    easy to follow and keeps the pages turning."

                                                                          -  Trey  F.  





This book empowers the family by confronting and resolving a key issue destroying families:

Poor Communications 


It's the no-brainer conversation tool for every home. Children learn that home is a safe place for them to express their thoughts and feelings.  Parents learn to encourage communications and to hear the hearts of their children.

A bonus  communications-builder section for parents is also included to draw couples closer in their work to lead their family.  This easy-to-use book is divided into chapters helping parents to select topics that most pertain to the personality, age or interests of their family.  

This book makes family chit-chat happen in a fun and low-pressure way.  It serves families with children from youngest and through adult.  The bottom line purpose of this guidebook is that it is a convenient quick-start design that accommodates families wherever they are in life.

". . . I love the rule page & the Children Should Obey page. I laminated them & hung them up . . . . My boys have a visual reminder of the expectations for living each day. Everything from The Knots, Accountability, Responsiveness to Tips on Order & Organization are so very practical. . . Mamas need reminders! Even tough Mamas! 

                                                                      - Claryssa M.                                                           

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