Let's Talk Basics

Moms need mindful strategies to parent in tough times.        Children need TUFF moms to thrive.  

All programs adaptable as keynote, workshop or retreat. Topics are from Valerie's mothering perspective as a mom of 9.



Signature Program:

TUFF Mama Strategies: Championing Life Struggles while Building the Best Me:

This all-encompassing talk addresses the issues of overwhelm that people face (for traditional and single-parent parents).  In our fast-paced world, it's easy to lose self in the panic of living life.  Concepts presented focus audiences on how to meet their own needs while managing those of others requiring their time, energies and attention.  Much from boundaries, margins, realistic expectations and positioning your own oxygen mask are addressed.  This time is to help people deal with real life challenges without losing themselves in the fray.

Back to Basics Programs

Tuff Mama Power Tools:

Quick-start Back-to-Basic solutions to well position any mother into more positive parenting with wonderful results.  This program offers a wide-range guide touching on topics covered in many of Valerie's other programs.  What is special about this session is that it serves also as a survivor's guide for parents at the beginning of their parenting journey or at the end of their rope.  Valerie addresses key matters that commonly throw moms into fits of despair.  She tools you up with fast-break applications that can rescue a mother's heart as well as those of her children.

Shape Your Child's Heart & Mind without Losing Your Own
Parenting is tough work that requires plenty of time, attention and energy.  Often moms are in that key position to “be there” physically and emotionally for their children.  This program offers guidance to the mother who desires to parent with results while also meeting her own needs.  Valerie presents strategies she used and perfected to help mothers discover how to structure home with a healthy balance that preserves self.  

Managing Children: From Pushing-back to Pulling their Weight

There comes a time in the life of a family when the helpless infant grows from one whose care requires total responsibility of others and into one who shares in family duties.  This process of growing children into more responsibility can be accomplished gradually and well if done with positive and purposeful parenting methods.  Valerie teaches parents key strategies that produce children who help more with less negative attitude.   

Table Talk so the "Kids" Will Listen

A family with members who freely chat with one another is one with closer and more intimate bonds.  This program supports parents by giving them communications methods that encourage sound engagements in the home.  Valerie, a Toastmaster gold-level communicator and TI clubs past-president, teaches proven conversational techniques.  As a bonus, she shares from tools she designed and used with her children that can help parents get theirs talking.  




Positive Connections Programs 


Strategies to Maintain Positive Sibling Interactions
Some days, every large and small matter seems to cause siblings to fight against one another.  These are times when a parent can find themselves at wits end, constantly playing judge and jury between their warring children.  While some
sibling conflict is normal, it is important that parents find ways to intervene that prevent damaging escalations.  Valerie’s 5 sons and 4 daughters have given her decades of experience dealing with sibling conflict resolution strategies - pointing family members towards better relating.  This program is designed to empower the parent to proactively build peace-making into family routine.

Making Your "Home Sweet Home" the Entertainment Hub

The family that plays together enjoys being together. Take counsel on ways to spend enriching moments with your children from this mother of 9 (five boys and four girls).  From planned adventures to moments of spontaneous fun, see how to transform your home into a place of shared delight for you and your children.    


Establishing Healthy Family Bonds with your Adult Children

The seasons of parenting include early times of learning the attitude of your infant/young child, and then adjusting parenting approaches as they grow.  In this program, parents are empowered to continue growing relationship with their adult children, maintaining healthy bonds for life beyond their childhood.  Valerie, a seasoned mother with multiple adult children,  helps parents transition into this next critical phase of life as they learn to enjoy bonds with their adult children. 

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