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Family balance begins at home when parents feel they can do the job given right tools.   I supply parents Back-to-Basics parenting strategies that originated with my own mom and dad.  They gave me a definite edge helping me beat the odds as a child growing up in a Chicago ghetto.




"Valerie speaks profound and deep truths into the hearts of her audience.  She connects with a compassionate caring heart to build others.  I love sitting at her feet to   
        - Roxanne Parks, President & Founder Winter Summit Ministries            

My husband and I have held hands and babies for over 30 years, ever refining ways to keep our flock in good contact.    It takes persistence and tough love to positively bond a family, exploring ways to keep those older reaching back, bringing love to younger siblings who anticipate their return.     





"Valerie is the James Earl Jones of public speaking 
      ...a 'diamond  in the rough'."   
 - Gregg Lancaster, Entertainer, Mental Masterpieces


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