Mindful solutions for any team from military vet & mom of 9

Family Team Builder         

Mother of  9                                    Former Air Force Captain                             Resiliency Educator      

Photography by Zach Castillo


Empowering moms to raise        Empowering managers to 
   their children without                 raise employee morale
     losing themselves
                 without losing competency                 

" Valerie speaks from knowledge, experience, and heart which inspires people to move toward success in their own lives and business."
 -  Rosemary K. Degner, Ph.D., DBA                 Author/ Researcher/Professor

                                                                                         TUFF Mama Strategies

 As an Air Force veteran, I share what I know:                                                                           As a mom of 9, I teach about what I live:

 Winning core values applicable to any team                                                                             Winning TUFF Mama strategies based on 

  INTEGRITY - ACCOUNTABILITY - RESPECT                                                                                                    LOVE - NURTURE


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