Family Team Builder         

Mother of  9                                    Former Air Force Captain                                 Educator      

Photography by Zach Castillo

Equipping parents to raise children            Accountability
using CRITICAL CORE family
values -           Respect

       the same I used to raise my              Responsiveness
                   own 9  children                              Love

" Valerie speaks from knowledge, experience, and heart which inspires people to move toward success in their own lives and business."
 -  Rosemary K. Degner, Ph.D., DBA                 Author/ Researcher/Professor

Making a Plea for the Family

Given right tools, parents can build close-knit families equipping their 
children to face an unpredictable world.  As an Air Force veteran, I bring
home winning military team concepts.  Audiences attending my
gain solid solutions they can immediately put to action.


Who should book Valerie?

Corporations – (focused on employee work-life balance)

Family-based Associations and Organizations

Women’s Ministries & Retreats   

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